Insect Barrier is the Safer Solution to Pest Control

Avoid Using Hazardous Chemical, Use Insect Barrier Instead

In agricultural perspective, managing pest or insect control is difficult. The bio-ecological relationship between plants and insects should be considered (some insects are your plants’ friends), as well as the damages brought upon by use of synthetic pesticides. Netting system is an appropriate method that can prevent insects and other pests from damaging and stressing the crops. Horticulture netting can be an effective support for the plants and insect barrier, as well.

horticulture net installed on garden
The horticulture netting as the ideal net for protection of your crops against the insects attack.

Insect Barrier versus Synthetic Pesticides

Synthetic pesticides and insecticides may be effective in killing and getting rid of pests and insects, but they can also cause diseases in plants, humans and other animals. Additionally, the environment is not so keen to be acquainted with chemicals. Although the use of pesticides has been dominant for many decades, people have better understanding now of how deadly these chemicals can be. Additionally, studies show that insects have developed immunity to pesticides, so instead of dying they grow more powerful. The result is to manufacture deadlier chemical sprays, and these concoctions have put the entire system into chaos. That is why; more and more farmers are turning away from using chemicals to protect their crops from insects and pests. The use of insect barrier netting system is a recommended alternative.

tunnel used in cropfield
The horticulture net is a resistant barrier agasint external damages.

Benefits of Insect Netting System

Insect barrier netting is made of thin fabric – like floating row covers that are more porous and thinner. Using a floating row cover as an insect barrier allows you to protect your crops from bird or pest pressure. Originally, floating row covers are used to provide protection for warm-weather crops from the initial fall frosts. These covers are also proven effective in discouraging marauding insects, birds and other small animals like chipmunks and small rabbits.

The good thing about insect barrier netting is that it does not block sunlight, rain and overhead irrigation. So, even if your crops are covered, you can be assured that they are getting their normal and regular dosage of direct light, air flow and water.

For the best results, the insect fabric is placed directly on top of the crops to protect them from pests and insects – like cucumber beetles – for the first three-four weeks or up to the flowering stage. The easiest way to do this is to anchor the cover against the wind. If you are using other covering or a separate netting system (best recommended for peppers and tomatoes) you may want to use short hoops or tunnels.

Another benefit for installing insect barrieris maximized yields due to less pest pressure. The plants have the chance to focus on flowering or producing fruits because they are not frequently visited and annoyed by insects, birds and other pests. The nutrients the crops get from the soil, sun, air, water and fertilizers are maximized because they are not stressed.

horticulture net on cropfield
Protect your crops against the external weather for the control growth of the plants.

If you are planting heat-sensitive plants (like radishes, cabbages and potatoes), insect barrier covers can provide sufficient heat decreasing feature. In addition, there is efficient disease reduction because there is significant decrease in pest infestation – minimizing the pests means less diseases.

These barriers can also be re-used for the nest seasons, just make sure that you will use them with care. Finally, the best benefit probably is that there will be no need to use pesticides or insecticides. Insect barrier is the organic means to fight insects.

You have to keep in mind though that the main purpose of insect netting or cover is to deter insects by acting as a physical barrier, it should not be used for protecting the plants from frost. The fabric used for this netting system is thinner than regular floating row covers. Insect barriers are designed to keep insects and pests away from the crops. So, as long as you can keep your crops complete covered with the cover edges securely pinned in place in the ground, you can be assured of insect free garden. Insect covers can effectively block potato beetles, cucumber beetles, grasshoppers, aphids, Japanese beetles, leaf miners, root maggots, vine borers and cabbage worms.

Bigger Netting for Larger Gardens

If you have a big space for gardening, then you would have better ways of providing protection for your crops. More advanced systems like sea-of-green net and SCROG are being used for healthier, better and faster yields. Although both of the said methods are more familiarly linked to cannabis farming, they can also be used for other crops. SCROGing, for instance is great for growing cherry tomatoes.

In cannabis growing, the idea behind the use of SCROG netting is to put the bud on a flat level by taking up the low stuff and bringing down the main cola to the canopy. SCROGing is an LST or low-stress training, which aims to maximize the light footprint.

The sea-of-green net, on the other hand, is the method that allows for growing several small plants, instead of less bigger ones. One of the main benefits of using this netting system is that the crops are encouraged to go into flowering stage faster, and that means harvest is quicker than normal.

frost fabric used in garden crops
Using the Horticulture net like barrier avoid insects attack.

Horticulture netting is essential to crop growing. It provides the protection for your plants even when you are not around. It protects them from getting attacked by insects and pests by acting as effective insect netting. Netting system also eliminates too much sun exposure for heat-sensitive crops, while providing sufficient supply or air flow and sunlight for good nourishment.

All in all, if you have limited space for your crops or if you want faster and better yields, you should really consider netting system. With the properly designed fabric or netting cover, you will not have to worry about your plants getting stressed because pests and insects will not be allowed access into the garden.

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