Anti aphid screen, an innovative appliance against viruses.

Anti aphid screen is an innovative mesh used to grow and crop, that combats the attacks of insects and helps to avoid big economic losses. In fact there are many insects that cause damage to crops either because they eat the plants or because they nest in them. Insects that cause some kind of damage to plants are known as phytopathogens.

anti aphid screen
Avoid losses using the anti aphid mesh for protection agaisnt the insects attack or other external damage.

Aphids are small phytopathogens that cause great losses in several cultivations. They damage crops by eventually consuming completely the crops. But generally they affect the growth and development of plants or crops by sucking, causing serious deterioration and even death. There are more than 250 species of aphids that are phytopathogens of species of agricultural and commercial importance. Due to their great resistance to pesticides and other substances aphids quickly become a pest. Anti aphid screen is a quick and effective method to prevent the appearance of aphids in crops and avoid considerable loss of profits and thereby increase profits.

thermal blanket
With the Insects barrier your crops gets the best protection against the external damage.

Anti aphid screen is a floating cover, resistant against the wind, that favors the development of vegetation and uniformity of plants. It also provides greater control of light, temperature and humidity, which implies a lower risk of disease. In addition anti aphid screen allows a rapid response to phytosanitary and nutritional treatments. The anti aphid screen serves as a physical barrier against virus vectors (white mosquitoes, aphids, thrips) as well as against other causes of damage such as mines and beetles among others. Some of the most sensitive plants to the virus are cucurbitaceae (pumpkin, watermelon, melon, cucumber) and solanaceae (potato, tomato, eggplant, pepper and chili).  The anti aphid mesh is a woven net made from high density polyethylene monofilaments, stabilized against UV rays for greater strength and durability. Mono-filaments allow air renewal, ventilation, humidity control, CO2 concentration and proper temperature, vital factors for the proper development of crops.

tree and frost blanket
The net are the best protection to your crops against the external damage and the insects attack.

Thanks to the fact that the anti aphid screen is made of polypropylene, anti aphid screen guarantees maximum efficiency and durability of up to 3-5 years. Polypropylene possess a level of zero toxicity which makes it an ecological option for the protection of the crops.  Anti aphid screen is especially recommended for mother plants propagation and intensive horticultural and floriculture production. The use of the so-called shadow house and anti aphid house applying anti aphid screen is been prefered to complete greenhouses in certain areas, due to weather conditions and investments needed.


Alterations that viruses cause in plants

  • Photosynthesis is diminished.
  • Production of growth hormones
  • Plant respiration
  • Production of nitrogen and carbohydrates is reduced.
  • Growth inhibitory substances
micro tunnel and thermal blanket
With the anti aphid mesh avoid the prescences of the virus or other diseases.

The woven meshes are designed to serve as physical barriers, against different types of insects, vectors of viruses. The anti aphid screen is specially designed to prevent the entry of harmful insects such as thrips, aphids, miners, beetles, whiteflies, etc that could threaten the entire yield, spreading viruses from infected to healthy plants. Viruses can be also transmitted from one plant to another by vegetative propagation and mechanical transmission through agricultural tools or workers hands but insects are undoubtedly the most effective viruses vectors. The most important vector are the suckers insects.

Main advantages of anti aphid screen

  • Long duration
  • Renovation of air, better ventilation
  • Better humidity control
  • Better temperature control
  • Protection against excess sun
  • Reduction of the need of chemical applications to combat pests
  • Significant increase in productivity
  • Easy to use, quick to install
  • Ecological: it does not represent a contaminant for crops or soil.
frost blanket sample
The mesh are ideal for protection for that your crops can get the best growth.

Protecting against the wind, and regulating the entrance of sunlight, anti aphid screen provides also better control of the temperature and humidity levels inside the greenhouse. At the same time it prevents the exit of beneficial insects when culture systems through biological control are used. The anti-aphid screen allows air circulation inside greenhouses or shadehouses installations and at the same time, thanks to its narrow fabric, prevents the entry of harmful pets to the greenhouse. Good air circulation inside the installation not only facilitates the pollination of the crops; it also facilitates the gas exchange between plants, strengthening their branches. There are chemicals such as pesticides which kill aphids, but they also pollute the soil by taking away its nutritional properties, necessary for production, as well as damaging the crops.